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The artist Abdullah Hammas was born in 1952. He grew up moving with his father who was working in the military sector, to several cities around the Kingdom. The journey of art began since childhood and with the support of his father, Hammas bin Sultan Al-Asiri, may God have mercy on him, who used to buy him colors, drawing notebooks and sketchbooks as an encouragement and appreciation for his talent. The first painting he made was in the intermediate School, using oil colors, the painting reflected the military environment, and the whole painting was dominated by brown and was exhibited at the military base in Tabuk.

He studied at the Institute of Art Education in Riyadh, where he met academic teachers in a period of time when the educational curricula were rich in Renaissance currents such as Surrealism, Cubism and Abstract. He graduated from the Institute of Art Education in 1973 and began his artistic career.

He relied in his works on the symbolic abstract school, influenced by the topography and environment of the southern region, where his creative works were linked with concepts of identity, originality, contemporary, and connection with folklore and heritage. This character is what distinguishes his work, which is based on the picturesque colors of nature and a simple lifestyle. His paintings express the people, the city, the fashion and the simple life of the people of the villages and countryside. Finally he settled in Jeddah where he established his main painting atelier, alongside his private painting atelier in Abha.


He has held several senior positions, including two president positions in the Society of Culture and Arts in Jeddah. He was also appointed as the General Executive of the House of the Artists of Fine Art and was a former president.He has held 37 personal exhibitions within and out of the Kingdom up to January 2020, and participated in more than 30 joint exhibitions. Many of his paintings are acquired in number of ministries, airports, government departments and international museums, in addition to many palaces and private villas.



Art work


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